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Our Premium Detail offers the highest level of protection and most satisfying shine, inside and out. Each surface of your car is meticulously cleaned and reconditioned using professional interior instruments. Glass surfaces are cleaned and buffed. Once all surfaces have been reconditioned, your interior is left looking as if it just left the showroom!

The exterior of your vehicle will receive a gentle hand wash, this will allow for complete exfoliation of your paint and clear coat. After complete exfoliation of your paint surfaces, an application of our premium wax is again hand applied. Wheels and tires are completely cleaned and polished to like-new condition, then dressed with a protectant/shine. Each glass panel is cleaned and buffed.

Premium Interior detail:

  •  Full interior vacuum and spot clean (stain remover) and full shampoo with heated extraction.
  •  Hand cleaned interior and recondition  (includes dash, center console, door jambs, all glass surfaces, leather surfaces conditioned, interior trim, and air vents).
  • Spot free windows

Starting at $110

Premium Exterior Detail:

  •  Hand washed exterior (includes hand dry with microfiber towel and water blade to exfoliate your paint)
  •  Hand waxed with premium wax.
  •  Spot free windows and glass.
  •  Wheels and tires cleaned and conditioned.

Starting at $120


Complete Premium Detail including both Interior and Exterior detail (includes all options above)

  Starting at $230                                                                                                                     


On the Spot offers a “Express Detail” option, a less intensive detail which includes:

  • Full interior vacuum and surface clean, including all glass.
  • Hand washed exterior and premium wax & sealant.
  • Wheels cleaned and conditioned.

Starting at $120

 Are you a friend of the environment? Well we are!

Our “Eco Clean” option is the most eco-friendly option on the market. Our “Eco Clean” detail harnesses the power of steam to provide a complete and gentle detail. The most amazing part, there is absolutely no chemicals involved in the process. This means it is 100% safe and natural. Did we forget to mention steam natureco-friendlyally disinfects

…the future of detailing

Perfect for family vehicles with children or pets! (safe and complete sanitize)

Full Interior Eco Clean:

Full interior vacuum and spot steam

Hand steamed interior (includes dash, center console, door jambs, all glass surfaces, leather surfaces, and interior trim)

Spot free windows (steam is distilled water which leaves behind no spots!)

Starting at $200 (for family vans/suvs add $30)

Call for additional information.

 *Price subject to change due to vehicle condition and size*

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