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Schedule an appointment today! The fastest way to a clean car. We service the Merrimack Valley and beyond. On The Spot offers basic car washing to high end car detailing and reconditioning. We offer packages to fit all makes and models and even offer custom estimates for custom jobs. Whether you’re looking to resell your vehicle or just maintain the look and feel, On The Spot has you covered. And don’t forget because we are a mobile service we save our customer time and money by providing our service at your home, office or other convenient location.
We bring expert detailing services done by experienced pros to you, wherever you are. There’s no need to drive to a shop and have to wait or have arrange for transportation. We bring professional grade vehicle detailing to your home, your office or wherever you’re located. You book us, we confirm and we come to you. It couldn’t be easier and the quality of our work beats the competition every time.

Our wash process will change depending on the package but a typical exterior detail will start with a hand wash on the full vehicle. The paint will get a clay bar treatment to remove all of the impurities that have gotten embedded in the paint. The clay bar step is needed on most cars including new cars. New cars are typically transported by train and in this process, the paint gets impurities on it along the way which is typically referred to as rail dust. After the Vehicle is clayed we give the car another hand wash to ensure the car is free of any contaminants loosened up in the clay process. The last step for the paint is the wax and sealer. Depending on the package this may be one layer of high-quality wax or could be a multi-step process with a sealer or cleaner wax followed by a final wax. The wheels will be thoroughly washed and waxed as needed. depending on the type of wheels you have, they may require wax or a polish if they are bare metal/chrome. The tires will be treated to a no sling tire shine application. 

When we first look at a vehicle we like to inspect the condition of the vehicle to see if our basic package will give sufficient results to make your vehicle look like new or if we have any recommendations for further services that may be needed. Inspecting the car to see what it needs and what we may not be ale to fix is very important to manage customers expectations. If your truck has a dent we will not be able to fix any dents. If your rims have curb rash we will not be able to fix that but there are some defects that we can resolve or decrease the appearance during this process. We like to ensure Lowell customers know what they are getting and are satisfied with the results or their auto detail. 

Car detailing can be a job but we like to think of it as a passion. When you love cars as much as we do it makes every detail fun.

Modern 2 stage or 3 stage paint is much stronger than the single stage paint that came on some older cars and may be used on restorations of cars in order to keep them as original as possible. Knowing what type of paint you are working with and what process will keep from damaging the paint is very important. If you have scratches on a new vehicle they are typically in the top clear coat only and can sometimes be buffed out but on single stage paint, this is not always possible. With single stage paint, you need to know how thick the paint is in order to know how deep you can buff on it also the age of the paint can play a factor in the procedure. We pride ourselves on learning what procedures work best for any given application and pushing ourselves to expand our abilities.