Thomas O’Hearn has always had a passion for automobiles. After buying his first car, he began to do detail work on it. During his high school years, he formally learned automobile detailing while working at various BMW dealerships.  He had dreams of starting his own mobile detailing service, but never had the tools or resources to do so. After taking part in the 2015 EforAll Winter Accelerator, he officially launched On the Spot. We recently sat down with Thomas to talk about his venture.


Thomas O’Hearn


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What is On the Spot
On the Spot specializes in on-site automobile detailing and cleaning. We detail your car on the spot, whether that’s at your home or office. We offer a professional level of service, and is the only company of it’s kind in the Greater Lowell area.

Why are you passionate about it?
I am passionate about the auto world in so many ways, as a spectator, a participant, and also now as a professional detailer. I detailed cars for friends and family but never thought about putting it together as a business. I really enjoyed working on beautiful cars and restoring them to their former glory, not to mention maintaining their value.

Why did you decide to start On the Spot?
On the Spot had always been an idea floating around in my head, I had always wanted to start a venture and work for myself. The whole idea of working for myself and expressing my own interests really appealed to me. I really saw an opportunity for myself, and decided to go after it. I also quickly realized that there was already a demand out there for such a service. I was hoping to turn a life long passion into my first start-up. Upon hearing of EforAll and being introduced to the organization through one of the pitch contests, I decided to give it a shot.